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Reformation Sunday: Looking into the Mirror of Christ’s Grace

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Identity/Roles, Ministry, The Gospel

Looking into the mirror of Christ’s Grace on the anniversary of Reformation Day and Martin Luther’s biblically counseling posting of the 95 Theses. We are 499 years away from the anniversary of Martin Luther posting The 95 Theses on October 31, 1517. When we think of Luther and “Reformation Day” or “Reformation Sunday,” we often...

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The Place for Biblical Counseling

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Ministry, Relationships, The Gospel

Biblical counseling effectively finds its place within a paradigm of discipleship and the Body of Christ, under the regular teaching and preaching of God’s Word. The Great Commission finds fulfillment in two primary efforts: “baptize” and “teach.” First, we introduce confessing believers into the body of Christ (as displayed by baptism) and then we help them...

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Join Us for our 2017 National Conference in Dallas, TX!

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Ministry, Non-Profit, The Gospel

Join hundreds of pastors, lay leaders, counselors and believers alike for our 2017 National Conference, April 27-29th at Irving Bible Church in Dallas, TX! We are thrilled to officially open registration for our 2017 National Conference, happening April 27-29, 2017 at Irving Bible Church in Dallas, Texas! We have an incredible lineup of gifted pastors,...

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Common Myths About Forgiveness

Author: Category: Counseling, Family, Marriage, Ministry, Relationships, The Gospel

Intentionally seeking and granting forgiveness is first and foremost about the glory of God. As we humble ourselves to His will and seek to imitate Him in our relationships with others, forgiveness serves as the foundation upon which relational and emotional healing may take place. “Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and...

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Learning To Long For God Alone

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, The Gospel

All night long I tossed and turned. I was anxious and afraid but didn’t know quite why. Specters of failure and probable loss danced mockingly on the edges of my thought. I sought to close my eyes to terrifying visions but couldn’t keep them out—they were inside me. How will I function tomorrow if I...

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Resourcing Local Churches in Biblical Counseling Ministry

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, Uncategorized

The Association of Biblical Counselors resources and supports local churches in biblical counseling ministry through our church equipping initiatives. The Association of Biblical Counselors is committed to encourage, equip and enlist followers of Jesus Christ in the personal ministry of God’s Word. To help fulfill this mission, ABC has several ministry concentrations, including our Church Equipping initiatives, which...

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The Origin of Counseling Ministry (Part Two)

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, Uncategorized

In our previous post, we considered a bigger picture of biblical counseling, originating in the Garden, with God offering counsel to mankind and calling mankind to share it with others in order to display His glory and serve the best interest of His people. We continue in this post, seeing throughout scripture how God’s counsel...

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The Origin of Counseling Ministry (Part One)

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry

Counseling ministry has existed from the beginning of the world, originating with God in the Garden towards mankind and for mankind to share with others. A Big Picture for Biblical Counseling Counseling is not a new kind of ministry or activity. People didn’t create it during recent centuries. Since the beginning of the world, God...

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Processing the Current Tensions and Violence in Our Country

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, Relationships, The Gospel, Uncategorized

As Biblical Counselors, we counsel the Word in the midst of current tensions and violence in a world that desperately needs Christ. The past several weeks have been hard. Very hard. And sadly, there could be harder weeks to come. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a mix of sadness, exhaustion, fear, and confusion. There...

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Take the Next Step & Become a Certified Biblical Counselor

Author: Category: Ministry, Non-Profit, The Gospel

The Association of Biblical Counselors offers different levels for certifying biblical counselors for pastors, lay leaders and professional counselors alike. At the Association of Biblical Counselors, our mission is to encourage, equip and enrich all believers everywhere to live and counsel the Word, applying the Gospel to the whole experience of life. One of our...

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