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Holistic Care In Biblical Counseling—A New Track for 2021

Author: Category: Biblical Counseling, Blog

Biblical counseling is a discipline that has always been dedicated to rich, theologically informed biblical care.  Since the seminal work of the late Dr. Jay Adams who outlined a biblical counseling model that positioned itself within Christian counseling as uniquely biblical, the movement has continued to experience helpful developmental processes that have served to deepen and...

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Be Equipped and Encouraged at ABC’s Biblical Counseling Conference

Author: Category: Blog

ABC’s National Biblical Counseling Conference is a wonderful time of training, networking and fellowship, being reminded that we are all called to counsel. The Association of Biblical Counselor’s National Biblical Counseling Conference is coming up on April 27th-29th at Irving Bible Church in DFW. We are anticipating a wonderful time of training, networking and fellowship and are praying...

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Helping Others Find Peace this Christmas

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Family, Relationships, The Gospel

For as bright as the holidays may be, it is equally dark for many, giving us the opportunity to live out our divine call to counsel in helping others find peace this Christmas! The holiday season is again upon us ushering in a seemingly magical transformation of social life. Celebration is the theme of the...

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Public Debate: What are the Limits of Self-Identity? (Full Video)

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Identity/Roles, Non-Profit, The Gospel

As biblical counselors, we need to be able to address the important issue of self-identity in a sensitive, wise and biblical manner. In our previous post, we were reminded that the identity of the Christian is one of union with Jesus; therefore, whatever is true of Jesus becomes true of the believer. In Christ, the...

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Halloween, Reformation Day, and Self-Identity

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Identity/Roles, The Gospel

A Christian’s identity is no pseudo-identity, as is the case with Halloween costumes, but is the deepest identity by which the believer is known by God. Today, we usher in October 31st, 2016—a day our culture recognizes as Halloween. It is a day that finds traditions spanning from the innocence of watching Shultz’s Great Pumpkin...

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Public Debate: What are the Limits of Self-Identity?

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Identity/Roles, The Gospel

Join ABC President Jeremy Lelek for an evening at Magnolia Motor Lounge in Fort Worth and a public debate on the topic—What are the Limits of Self-Identity? This evening, Sunday, October 23, I will be participating in a discussion unlike any other in which I have ever participated. Actually, it’s a bit more than a...

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Common Myths About Forgiveness

Author: Category: Counseling, Family, Marriage, Ministry, Relationships, The Gospel

Intentionally seeking and granting forgiveness is first and foremost about the glory of God. As we humble ourselves to His will and seek to imitate Him in our relationships with others, forgiveness serves as the foundation upon which relational and emotional healing may take place. “Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and...

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Become an ABC Member and Grow in Biblical Counseling

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, Non-Profit, Uncategorized

If you’re looking to grow in biblical counseling, consider becoming a member of the Association of Biblical Counseling for resources, training and more! The Association of Biblical Counselors exists to encourage, equip and enlist all believers everywhere to live and counsel the Word, applying the Gospel to the whole experience of life. What began in...

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God’s Glory in Counseling: 5 Daily Reminders

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling

As a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors my prayer is that you are continually strengthened and encouraged in your ministry to others. Walking through the difficulties and hardships experienced by those God sends into our lives is one of the most amazing privileges to which we have been invited (Gal. 6:2). However, this...

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We are All Called to Counsel

Author: Category: Counseling

Our world is in turmoil. We have access to a Person who alone possesses the power to calm the storm. The darkness is not retreating. We possess the only Light. We have been called to imitate Jesus upon the Earth through our personal one on one, ministry to others. We are all called to counsel.

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