The Association of Biblical Counselors began as a basic website in 2005 serving several dozen members. Today, with God’s continued blessing we have grown in capacity to serve nationally and internationally by providing resources and training to several thousand people. Our aim is to build up the Body of Christ by offering thoughtful application of Scripture to the hearts and lives of others.

There are many approaches to counseling within Christianity. ABC’s particular approach will emphasize a robust theology of care stressing the roles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the transformation process. We seek to draw from God’s special revelation, the Bible, to build a model of counseling wherein constructs such as justification, sanctification, glorification, sin, depravity, grace (to name a few) are practically applied. Our ministry is structured in such a way that a broad spectrum of members may be well served. Whether you are a professional seeking a deeper specialization in applying the Bible in your practice, a pastor seeking to connect your theological understanding with your role as shepherd and counselor, or a believer longing to fulfill your call to “make disciples”, ABC has created specific resources to meet each of these unique positions.

Should you choose to become a member of ABC please know we are honored to serve you. We are working continually to provide services and resources that will reflect excellence so that our members may benefit richly from being a part of our organization. Thank you for considering the Association of Biblical Counselors as a potential investment in your personal ministry. May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to serve His name!


ABC provides membership that is open to anyone interested in learning about biblical counseling, becoming equipped in the ministry of biblical counseling and discipleship, while joining the work of ABC around the world.


Members will receive special discounts and have access to hundreds of downloadable counseling resources, past Called to Counsel conference video and more. Individuals at this level may or may not adhere to the views of biblical counseling but will have an interest in learning how to apply the Bible more effectively to every issue of life. Become a Member Today!

Member Benefits Counseling Tools & Training List of Resources
  • Ready-to-use resources
  • Video training
  • Audio training
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Conference discounts
  • Scholarly reviews
  • Excellent training
  • Member certificate
  • Secure membership
  • Searchable resources
  • Biblical training discounts
  • Assessments
  • Portraits
  • Forms
  • Homework Handouts
  • Unpacking Diagnoses
  • Ask the Counselor
  • Audio & Video Teaching
  • EquipU Archives
  • “Heart of the Matter” series
  • Triage series
  • Marriage series
  • Called to Counsel video archives
  • Articles
  • EquipU
  • Journal of Discipleship & Counseling archives
  • Counseling through Scripture

Membership dues are $99 per year. These dues help support your membership benefits and the work of the Association of Biblical Counselors as a whole, including the development of biblical counseling resources and providing support to churches, people, and ministries around the world.


ABC membership is valid for 12-months and must be renewed by the renewal date each year to remain active. The renewal can be completed online and requires payment of membership dues. Looking to renew your membership?

Who should join ABC?

  • All believers who are committed to sound counsel from the Word in their own lives and as they minister to others.
  • Pastors and people in ministry who are interested in providing Biblical counsel.
  • Pastors and elders seeking to connect your theological understanding in your role as shepherd and counselor,
  • Licensed and professional counselors who are committed to Biblical counseling and seeking a deeper specialization in applying the Bible in your practice.
  • Anyone interested in better understanding themselves and others.
  • Churches and Ministry leaders who need access to resources, such as assessments and homework handouts, to utilize in their organization.

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