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Holistic Care In Biblical Counseling—A New Track for 2021

Author: Category: Biblical Counseling, Blog

Biblical counseling is a discipline that has always been dedicated to rich, theologically informed biblical care.  Since the seminal work of the late Dr. Jay Adams who outlined a biblical counseling model that positioned itself within Christian counseling as uniquely biblical, the movement has continued to experience helpful developmental processes that have served to deepen and...

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The Father of Mercies Comes Near

Author: Category: Abuse, Ministry

Mercy is defined as getting that which we don’t deserve. If I get pulled over for speeding and the officer lets me off with a warning, we would say he had mercy on me. He gave me the gift of passing on an offense that should have cost me time and money. “Blessed be the...

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The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Author: Category: Abuse

This is an edited excerpt from Darby Strickland’s book Is It Abuse? A Biblical Guide to Identifying and Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse. You will recognize them by their fruits.  Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? (Matt. 7:16) Matt and Sarah routinely fought about how to spend their weekends. Sarah valued her...

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A Biblical Counseling Worldview Part Two

Author: Category: Blog, Counseling, Ministry, The Gospel

These five distinctives and ten statements of biblical counseling hopefully provide some structure and support for our biblical counseling worldview. In a previous post, we discussed particular truths and distinctions that make the biblical counseling worldview unique. This lesson continues that discussion by considering five distinctives of biblical counseling that hopefully provide some structure and...

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Jesus Cares About the Lost

Author: Category: Blog, The Gospel

Jesus came to us when we couldn’t come to him. Jesus loved us when we couldn’t love him. Jesus gave us life when we couldn’t get it for ourselves. Jesus sought us when we were utterly lost. “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave...

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The Implications of Misplaced Identity

Author: Category: Counseling, Identity/Roles

As muddled a topic as identity can be in the lives of people, I have found God’s Word to bring great clarity on the topic of identity, self-worth and value. The idea of identity is one of those nebulous concepts that can be hard to understand. Yet, in my pastoral and counseling ministries, I consistently...

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4 Reasons to Be Glad That Life is Short

Author: Category: Blog, Ministry

While it is right to lament life’s brevity, we can also find in it at least 4 reasons to be glad that life is short. One of the great sorrows of life is its brevity. This life is but a breath, a vapor, a mist that vanishes with the sun. Even the eldest among us...

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Do You Equate Making Disciples to Counseling?

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, Relationships, The Gospel

According to the teachings of Jesus and the Great Commission, we are all called to make disciples – to counsel the Word in our lives and of others. How many of us don’t know someone who has struggled or is currently struggling with depression, anxiety, parenting problems, addictions, marriage issues? It’s our commitment at the...

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A Biblical Counseling Worldview

Author: Category: Uncategorized

There are particular truths and distinctions that make a biblical counseling worldview unique from all the other systems of counseling in the world. In a previous post, we set out to provide a definition for biblical counseling. This lesson tries to answer the question: What makes biblical counseling unique and distinct from all the other...

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Be Equipped and Encouraged at ABC’s Biblical Counseling Conference

Author: Category: Blog

ABC’s National Biblical Counseling Conference is a wonderful time of training, networking and fellowship, being reminded that we are all called to counsel. The Association of Biblical Counselor’s National Biblical Counseling Conference is coming up on April 27th-29th at Irving Bible Church in DFW. We are anticipating a wonderful time of training, networking and fellowship and are praying...

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