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An Endless Supply of Spiritual Delights with Biblical Counseling

Author: Category: Counseling, Ministry, Relationships, The Gospel, Uncategorized

Jesus lived among his disciples. He heard their conversations and understood their struggles because he walked with them and listened carefully to their words (Luke 22:22-24). A great amount of his counsel to his followers took place in the flow of daily life and relationships (Matt. 17:14-27). An endless supply of spiritual delights can be...

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Which Promises Are For Me?

Author: Category: Family, Identity/Roles, Ministry, The Gospel

Not many things are more comforting than a promise made and kept. And not many things are more hurtful than a promise broken. Knowing we worship a God who keeps his promises is a source of deep joy. But misapplied, this knowledge can also lead us to treasure-hunt Scripture for promises in problematic ways. How...

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Ambassadors For Christ

Author: Category: Ministry

Every believer is called to be in ministry, not necessarily by vocation (in a salaried position), and not even in an organized way (like a volunteer Sunday school teacher or youth group leader), but through a lifestyle of intentional ambassadorial behavior. What does "intentional ambassadorial behavior" mean? That's what this post is about.

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