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Public Debate: What are the Limits of Self-Identity? (Full Video)

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As biblical counselors, we need to be able to address the important issue of self-identity in a sensitive, wise and biblical manner.

In our previous post, we were reminded that the identity of the Christian is one of union with Jesus; therefore, whatever is true of Jesus becomes true of the believer. In Christ, the Christian is holy, righteous, perfect and beloved. This is no pseudo-identity as is the case with Halloween costumes, but is the deepest identity by which the believer is known by God.

As biblical counselors, we are not left with an ambivalent understanding of identity. We are not constricted to the limitations of self-identity as is the case for our secular counterparts. Recently, I participated in a respectful debate with atheist, Alix Jules, in which we considered the question, “What are the limits of self-identity?” I encourage you to watch the debate and consider how we, as biblical counselors, may genuinely and kindly address this ever increasing issue of our day.

Part One: Opening Statements

Jeremy Lelek (30 minutes)

Alix Jules (30 minutes)

Part Two: Cross Examination

Jules cross-examines Lelek (15 min)

Lelek cross-examines Jules (15 min)

Part Three: Questions from the Audience (20 min)

Part Four: Closing Statements

Jeremy Lelek (5 min)

Alix Jules (5 min)

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Posted on November 7, 2016