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Holistic Care In Biblical Counseling—A New Track for 2021

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Biblical counseling is a discipline that has always been dedicated to rich, theologically informed biblical care.  Since the seminal work of the late Dr. Jay Adams who outlined a biblical counseling model that positioned itself within Christian counseling as uniquely biblical, the movement has continued to experience helpful developmental processes that have served to deepen and expand the robust nature of its approach.   

Throughout this fifty year process the body has been a cursory topic of interest within the biblical counseling movement, and understandably so.  Formulating an intelligent, practical approach that dives deep into the spiritual elements of the mental, emotional, psychological, and relational aspects of people is no small venture.  This focus has been critical.    

As the movement continues grow, however, and since the foundations of this approach have been thoughtfully formulated, enlarging the emphasis of care to include the body seems like an appropriate next step.  That is why our conference speaking team (Katie Garrott, Laniey Greer, Jennifer Winter, and I) have created a track this year that will attempt to offer a primer on how to rightly minister to the whole person in such a way that people are served well, God’s Word is upheld, and God’s glory remains central.      

Our team is diligently preparing to provide attendees with a theologically sound approach to caring for others both spiritually and physically, and we will seek to do so through the following conference sessions.  

  • Holistic Care and the Sufficiency of Scripture (Jeremy Lelek)
  • Embodiment:  A Critical Component of Biblical Care (Lainey Greer)
  • Habituation:  The Interconnectivity of Body and Soul (Jeremy Lelek)
  • Engendering Godly Motives for Wellness (Lainey Greer)
  • Mood and Nutrition: A Biblical Approach (Jennifer Winter)
  • Gut Health and Mood: Diagnosis and Treatment (Katie Garrot)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Holistic Approach (featuring each presenter on this track)

If these topics peak your interest, I hope you will register for this year’s Called to Counsel Conference, and consider registering for our track at   May the Lord continue to use and bless you in your service to Him!

Posted on June 11, 2021