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Psalm 73: Where do you Run? Where do you Hide?

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“…I have made the Lord God my refuge,…” (v.28)

When it all becomes confusing,

when what is good seems not so

clear, when wrong seems like its winning, 

where do you run, where do you hide?

When you wonder if its worth it to honor, worship, 

fear, obey,  where do you run where do you hide?

When disappointment surrounds you 

and weariness sets in, where do you run, 

where do you  hide?

When your soul is growing bitter 

and you heart is at its end, 

where do you run, where do you hide?

When evil seems to prosper 

and good suffers again, 

where do you run, where do you hide?

When my flesh is weak and my heart may fail, 

there is one thing I have learned; 

You are the only place of refuge,

You are the only place to hide.

You are Counsel, Guidance, Glory, Strength.

I have nothing besides You. 

So in the darkness of confusion 

when I need a place to hide,

I run to the only place to hide. 

I run to You.

Posted on August 23, 2011