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Powlison’s Artful Handling of Sufficiency

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During the last four years, the Lord has brought a variety of new opportunities into my life some of which have included the birth of two beautiful daughters, forming a new counseling ministry in D/FW, working with a team to develop the Association of Biblical Counselors, and designing a dissertation project to finish up my Ph.D. work.

 Regarding the last venture I cited above, my Ph.D. dissertation, I have been forced deeply into the conversation, and at times the controversial issues that have often surrounded biblical counseling.  One of those areas of controversy quite familiar to the work and development of biblical counseling during the last forty years is that of the sufficiency of Scripture.  As Powlison states in this interview, the topic is indeed a complex one; more complex than I ever imagined when I began my journey towards a doctoral degree.

 In light of the topic addressed by Dr. Powlison in this interview (thanksgiving and the sufficiency of the Bible), and in reference to the amazing experience I have had in my research on the topic of biblical counseling (which in part has comprised of addressing the issue of sufficiency), I wanted to share Dr. Powlison's awesome perspective on each.  Be blessed and glean much from his wisdom:     






Posted on October 7, 2012