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The Struggles that Overwhelm Us

Category: Counseling, Ministry, Relationships

You love people. You love to help people. Given your heart for others, you can be overwhelmed by the brokenness around you, especially with those who share their struggles with you. As you sit and listen to their story, you grow uneasy as God reveals similar heart struggles within you.

You don’t look at pornography, but as you sit and listen to the man who is overwhelmed with his struggle with porn, you begin to see how you can get entangled with fantasy. As you journey with a woman has been sexually abused, you begin to see glimpses of shame and guilt in your own life. As you walk alongside the teenager who is experiencing panic attacks, you become more aware of the constant presence of fear and worry in your own soul. As you sit with the husband battling rage and anger against the world, you find yourself relating to him in unexpected ways. As you comfort a widow deeply grieving the loss of her husband, your mind begins to dwell on the losses in your own life.

Come and see how these struggles experienced in everyday life are more common than you expect. Learn how these common struggles are rooted in the Garden of Eden, accounted for in Genesis 3. Hear how these struggles impact not only our hearts, but also our relationships. Be reminded that God knows and cares about our struggles and his gospel offers redemption.



Posted on March 11, 2016