Equipped to Counsel: Student Handbook

Part I.  Foundations of Biblical Counseling (Chapters 1-9)
The first segment of this training will present essential foundations of biblical counseling – the elements of counseling that must be included if we are to call our counsel "biblical" or "Christian" or "godly".  Here we will define biblical counsel, identify its essential pieces, and introduce both general and specific methods for biblical counselors to apply throughout their service.  While certain methods of  biblical counseling covered in this course are quite specific, we will not deal in counseling style and other details believed to be negotiable and less critical to the effectiveness of counseling.
Part II.  Biblical Counseling & Specific Troubles (Chapters 10-15)
The most universal and comprehensive troubles of human existence will be discussed in this segment (such as anger, depression, and anxiety) as well as several more limited, but equally important problems (such as addiction and homosexuality).  These areas will be regularly faced by the biblical counselor or, at minimum, are somehow involved in the troubles being presented to the biblical counselor.  for this reason we will be spending adequate time seeking to understand  these troubles according to the Scriptures and apply that Truth to the general and specific practice of biblical counseling.
Part III.  Biblical Counseling & the Family (Chapters 16-24)
It is within the family context that most human troubles are either generated or expressed.  Biblical counselors are often engaged with marital and familial conflict.  This course, therefore, will deal in the basics of Christ-centered marriage and family counseling, including chapters on parent training and counseling with children.
Table of Contents
Part I.  Foundations of Biblical Counseling
Chapter 1  Introduction to Biblical Counseling
Chapter 2  Elements & Definitions for Biblical Counseling
Chapter 3  Essential Truths of Biblical  Counsel
Chapter 4  The Fruit of Biblical Counseling
Chapter 5  God & His Word
Chapter 6  Mankind & The Gospel
Chapter 7  Mankind & Biblical Counseling
Chapter 8  General Biblical Counseling Methods
Chapter 9  Specific Biblical Counseling Methods
Part II.  Biblical Counseling & Specific Troubles
Chapter 10  A Biblical View of Our Mental, Emotional, & Behavioral Troubles
Chapter 11  Specific Troubles – Addictions
Chapter 12  Specific Troubles – Anxiety
Chapter 13  Specific Troubles – Anger
Chapter 14  Specific Troubles – Depression
Chapter 15  Specific Troubles – Homosexuality
Part III.  Biblical Counseling & the Family
Chapter 16  Marriage Counseling – A Biblical View of Marriage
Chapter 17  Marriage Counseling – Resolving Marital Conflict
Chapter 18  Marriage Counseling – Marital Violence
Chapter 19  Marriage Counseling – Sex, Money, & Everything Else
Chapter 20  Family Counseling – A Biblical View of the Family
Chapter 21  Family Counseling – Understanding & Resolving Family
Chapter 22  Family Counseling – Blended Families & Family Unity
Chapter 23  Parent Counseling – Helping Parents Love and Teach
Chapter 24  Biblical Counseling with Children & Adolescents
Concluding Remarks
Appendix A – Counseling Tools and Assessments