Professional Soul Care

The Center for Professional Soul Care exists to equip licensed and non-licensed professionals trained in Christian Psychology, Christian Counseling, or Biblical Counseling to acquire a deeper understanding of the application of biblical theology in their practice as counselors, social workers, marriage therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, or any other field within what is known as “mental health”.  The CPSC is dedicated to esteeming the supremacy and relevance of Scripture in the care of souls within a professional setting, while upholding the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the exclusive means of ultimate cure for the human estate.

At the Center for Professional Soul Care (CPSC) we pray to fulfill this initiative in three primary ways:

Resources (ABC Res)

ABC-CPSC is committed to writing, developing, and providing strong biblical counseling resources to churches and ministries throughout the world.

Training Events

From our annual conference to local training workshops and forums, the CPSC prays to fulfill the overall mission of ABC through live teaching, training, and worship.


Though many men and women who pursue and complete membership and training through ABC, not all will pursue and complete the certification process. Certification exists to provide a consistent standard and tangible measure of training in biblical counseling. By the grace of God, credentials awarded at the successful completion of the various levels of certification can be recognized by people and organizations familiar with our paradigm and philosophy of biblical counseling ministry. We don’t consider certification essential for anyone to be equipped or able to counsel in the body of Christ, but we believe certification can be very helpful in establishing a clear, consistent, and biblical understanding and approach to the personal ministry of the Word for all those who have received it.

Advisory Board

  • Sam Williams, Ph.D.
  • Eric Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Jeremy Lelek, Ph.D.
  • Lee Lewis, M.A., LPC
  • Phillip Monroe, Psy.D.
  • Susan Thomas, M.A., LPC
  • Ed Welch, Ph.D.
  • Greg Wilson, M.A., LPC
  • Leslie Vernick, M.A., LPC