Pastoral Life and Care

Connecting the transforming power of the Gospel to the heart, life, and ministry of the pastor…

“As pastors we must confess our daily need for everything we teach and preach to others.”

– Paul Tripp, Executive Director

What is the Ongoing Work of the Center?

1. To engage and critique current pastoral culture from the perspective of the truths of the Gospel and God’s design for his church.

2. To alert pastors to the temptations which are unique to or intensified by pastoral ministry.

3. To assist seminaries in thinking through what it means to pastor the heart of students in every area of study.

4. To assist denominations in thinking through what it means to make the life and character of the candidate a more intentional focus of his mentoring and ordination.

5. To train local church leadership on how to call and care for their pastor in a way that is more personal and Gospel-centered.

6. To provide intensive, on-site counseling for the struggling or fallen pastor and his wife.

7. To provide ongoing distance counseling as a follow-up to intensive counseling.

8. To train and assist local churches as they seek to restore a fallen pastor to regular Gospel ministry.

9. To conduct an annual conference for pastors that goes after the critical personal issues of pastoral life and care.

10. To provide ongoing web-based and print-based resources for churches and pastors that that connect the heart and life of the pastor to the Gospel.

11. To build mutual-ministry relationships with the leaders of the major evangelical denominations, ministries, seminaries, and groups.

12. To establish regional networks of pastors for ongoing life on life ministry.

Board of Directors

• Garrett Higbee
• Clayton Shultz
• Alan White
• Paul Tripp
• Jeremy Lelek
• Ronnie McElroy
• Craig Crockett
• Michael Rasa
• Tim Watson