Continuing Education

One aspect of membership and certification is that of maintaining a strong awareness of current literature and training opportunities as biblical counselors. Following are several options for continuation education through ABC.

Continuing Education (on-line)

  1. What Did You Expect?: Marriage  
  2. Good and Angry
  3. Getting to the Heart of Parenting
  4. Portrait of a Struggle
  5. Lost In The Middle: Midlife
  6. God’s Healing in Life’s Losses: Grief
  7. Counseling In The Local Church (coming soon)

Continuing Education (Live)

  1. Married Life
  2. Foundations of Biblical Counseling
  3. ABC Conference
  4. ABC Biblical Counseling Forums


*Please keep in mind that individuals must be approved via the application process in order to be considered for certification through the Association of Biblical Counselors.  Only qualified applicants will be admitted into the certification program.