ABC Level 2 Certification (ABC2)

The ABC2 credential is granted when individuals complete the requirements of Level 2 certification. This phase of certification is highly experiential and requires a minimum number of face-­to‐face counseling hours and oversight by an approved ABC Training Leader. Counselors-­In-­Training (CIT) will need to find an approved Training Leader who can actively observe their counseling ministry with others as well as model biblical counseling ministry.


  • Develop basic practical skills in the personal ministry of God’s word with people. These basic skills include careful listening, helping people open up, conveying compassion, grace, and mercy, and guiding constructive ministry conversations.
  • Develop more advanced skills in the personal ministry of God’s word with people. These more advanced skills include responding patiently to difficult ministry conversations, discerning counseling problems from within a biblical worldview, helping people understand and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in daily life, and more.
  • Grow in Christian maturity as a minister of the gospel. That is, learn to be humble, repentant, and dependent upon the Holy Spirit in heart and life while ministering to others.
  • Broaden your general knowledge of Scripture as it relates to life and struggles while also broadening strategic and careful application of the Scripture to specific people and their situations.
  • Learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit during the process of change.
  • Develop a genuine love for others, and an active, daily prayer life.


(Total $225.00)

1. $25 application fee
2. $200 certification fee


  1. Current ABC member in good standing.
  2. Current ABC1 certification.
  3. Completed and submitted the ABC2 Training Application with $25 nonrefundable application fee.
  4. Application approved by an ABC representative, who will confirm approval by email.
  5. Submit the $200 Level 2 certification fee.
  6. Training Leader agreement form on file with ABC.
  7. Completion of Biblical Counseling Exam
  8. Completion of Theology Exam
  9. Completion of Biblical Counseling Apprenticeship: 100 hours of practical counseling experience with the following minimum criteria:
    a. 25 counseling hours observing the Training Leader, either live or through video or audio
    b. 75 counseling hours as the lead counselor in counseling meetings, with at least 25 counseling hours being observed by the Training Leader, either live or through video or audio
    c. Supervision with the Training Leader during the training year, in order to review counseling situations, talk about your progress, and discuss anything pertinent to your growth in the personal ministry of God’s Word.
    d. A minimum of 9 months before the counseling Apprenticeship can be considered completed. If the 100-hour minimum has been gained in less time, the Apprenticeship must continue until 9 months have been completed. We want all Counselors-In-Training (CIT’s) to have an opportunity to grow and learn over time.
  10. 12 Biblical Counseling Education (BCE) Units during the training year.
  11. Evaluation forms completed by the Training Leader and submitted to ABC.

Apply to Become ABC2 Certified

Training Leaders

Training leaders must apply with ABC in order to qualify as a training leader. Use this form to register. If you have already applied as a training leader but it has been at least two years since you were approved you must renew using this form.

Apply to Become a Training Leader