ABC Level 1 Certification (ABC1)

The ABC1 credential is awarded to those who have completed all the training requirements
of Level 1 certification in such a manner that is satisfactory to the standards set forth by ABC.


  • Develop a biblical philosophy of the Christian life that includes active involvement in a community of believers.
  • Develop a biblical philosophy of counseling that emphasizes the call of all believers to take part in the work of counseling and discipleship.
  • Understand the basic meaning of biblical counseling.
  • Acquire a basic understanding of the general and specific methods of biblical counseling.
  • Cover various counseling related issues that include depression, anger, anxiety, addiction, and sexuality.


(Total $475.94+$99 membership dues )

  1. $25 application fee
  2. $350 training and certification fee
  3. $39.95 to purchase “Your Walk With God Is a Community Project” DVD by Paul Tripp
  4. $45 to purchase the “Equipped to Counsel” Leader Book
  5. $15.99 CCEF Equipped to Counsel Bundle


  1. Current ABC member in good standing
  2. Completed ABC Level 1 Training Application with $25 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Application received and approved by an ABC representative and confirmed by email
  4. Part One: Your Walk With God Is A Community Project: DVD (2.5 Hours)
  5. Part Two (Two Semesters): Equipped to Counsel
  6. Estimated time to completion is 9-10 months given a commitment of at least 5 hours weekly.
  7. Choose a proctor. They will need to be available 2 hours a week to participate in role plays, discusssions an dto meet face to face to administer the 3 exams. Pray for you through out the class.
  8. Must remain a ABC member for us to recognize certification upon completion.

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