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Membership & Certification

PART I:  Begin The Process of Certification by Completing the Following:
  1. If you are not a member of ABC, you may join here.
  2. Pay $25 Application Fee Here*
  3. Download and Complete Certification Application Here
  4. Mail Application to:  Association of Biblical Counselors, P.O. Box 126555, Fort Worth, TX 76126
  5. An ABC representative will contact you regarding the status of your application.
  • Call 1-877-222-4551 if you need assistance or have any questions regarding certification or the application process.
  • Download a printable PDF of this information: ABC Certification (PDF)

PART II:  Upon Acceptance into the Certification Program:

  1. If you are not currently a member, click here to join (this is required).
  2. You will need to register for the course:  Course Registration Here (Cost: $350).
  3. You will need to purchase the prerequisite DVD course by Paul Tripp entitled, Your Walk With God Is A Community Project (Cost:  $39.95).
  4. You will need to purchase your required text, Equipped to Counsel (Leader Guide) (Cost:  $45).
  5. You will need to purchase the required Journal of Biblical Counseling article bundle here ($14.99). 
  6. On your application, you will have chosen from one of the options below (On-Line or Live Training).  Instructions for each are listed in the following sections.  

On-Line Option:

  • If you are planning to pursue certification via our on-line option, you will be sent a link and login that will connect you to all pertinent videos, articles, and assignments required for certification.  Please note that this link will be available once the student has enrolled in the course, and paid his or her tuition.

Live Certification Training:

  • If you are receiving certification through your church or in a live setting, you will apply and register through the Association of Biblical Counselors.  Your instructor will guide you through the process of certification in that he/she will be given a syllabus to distribute to you that will include all assignments and links necessary to complete Level One certification.  All assignments will be turned in to your instructor who will mail them to the Association of Biblical Counselors for grading (unless otherwise specified).

Following are the levels of membership and certification:

I. General Membership: Member of ABC

Level One membership is an open membership to anyone interested in learning more about biblical counseling. Members will have access to 100s of downloadable counseling resources, a weekly newsletter with counseling tips, a bi-monthly eJournal, and full access to the ABC website. Individuals at this level may or may not adhere to the views of biblical counseling, but will have an interest in learning how to more effectively apply the Bible to every issue of life.

  • Cost: $99/Yr

II. Basic Certification: Basic Certified Member

Basic Certification is for those individuals who have completed all training requirements for this level in such a manner that is satisfactory to the standards of ABC. Upon completing courses for basic certification, members will:

  1. Develop a biblical philosophy of the Christian life that incorporates the active involvement of the community of believers.
  2. Develop a biblical philosophy of counseling that emphasizes the call of all believers to take part in the work of counseling and discipleship.
  3. Understand the basic meaning of biblical counseling.
  4. Acquire a basic understanding of the general and specific methods of biblical counseling.
  5. Cover various counseling related issues that include marriage, depression, anger, anxiety, addiction, homosexuality, blended families, and parenting.


  1. Current General Membership Status
  2. Completed ABC Certified Training Application
  3. Application Approval Form Completed and Signed by ABC Representative
  4. Part One: Your Walk With God Is A Community Project: DVD (4.5 Hours)
  5. Part Two (Two Semesters): Equipped to Counsel (Two Semesters)
  6. 5 Continuing Education Credits per year (to maintain certification once complete).
  • Tuition Cost: $350
  • Book Cost: $45
  • Your Walk With God DVD Cost: $39.95

III. Advanced Certification: Advanced Certified Member

Advanced Certification is granted when individuals complete required advanced courses in biblical counseling. This phase of certification is highly experiential, and pushes the counselor to engage consistently and frequently in biblical counseling while offering objective means of evaluation to the instructor or proctor. Proctors and/or instructors must be experienced in biblical counseling. The advanced certification is designed to help counselors:

  • Develop advanced skills in biblical conceptualization of counseling issues.
  • Develop advanced skills in biblical methods to address counseling issues.
  • Develop in spiritual maturity as counselor’s own heart is exposed throughout the counseling process.
  • Broaden the counselor’s knowledgebase of Scripture as it relates to life and struggles.
  • Learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit during the process of change.
  • Develop a genuine love for others.
  • Develop skills in listening.
  • Develop an active prayer life for those they counsel.


  1. Maintain current membership with ABC.
  2. Soul Friends Seminar (Pre-Conference Training)
  3. 50-Hours Practical Experience (Proctor or Video): This will be designed with ETC journals as part of the process.
  4. 10-Hours of Supervision
  5. 10 Continuing Education Credits per year (to maintain certification once complete)
  • Tuition Cost: $350

One aspect of membership and certification is that of maintaining a strong awareness of current literature and training opportunities as biblical counselors. Following are several options for continuation education through ABC.

Continuing Education (on-line)

  1. What Did You Expect:  Marriage  
  2. Good and Angry
  3. Getting to the Heart of Parenting
  4. Portrait of a Struggle
  5. Lost In The Middle: Midlife
  6. God’s Healing in Life’s Losses: Grief
  7. Counseling In The Local Church (coming soon)

Continuing Education (Live)

  1. Married Life 
  2. Foundations of Biblical Counseling 
  3. ABC Conference 
  4. ABC Biblical Counseling Forums

*Please keep in mind that individuals must be approved via the application process in order to be considered for certification through the Association of Biblical Counselors.  Only qualified applicants will be admitted into the certification program