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Posted on 12/1/2014 by Paul Tripp

We all do it, probably every day. It has a huge impact on the way we view ourselves and the way we respond to others. It’s one of the main reasons we experience so much conflict in our relationships. The scary thing is: we barely recognize that we’re doing it.

What is this thing we all tend to do that causes so much harm? We forget the generosity of God.

In the busyness and self-centeredness of our lives, we sadly forget how much our lives have been blessed by and radically redirected by the generosity of God. The fact that he blesses us when we deserve nothing (except for wrath and punishment) fades from our memories like a song whose lyrics we once knew but now cannot recall.

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It's Not Your Party

Posted on 9/2/2014 by Paul Tripp

Back in my early days of ministry, I was a kindergarten teacher at a Christian school. Those were the four longest years of my life...actually, that's not true. They were four great years, because I was finally with an age group that I could relate to!

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Relationships: A Grace Mentality

Posted on 8/4/2014 by Paul Tripp

Last blog we discussed what it meant to live in our relationships with An Investment Mentality.  Here's the third and final mentality:


When I got married, I didn’t understand grace. I had a principle-istic view of Scripture that caused me to bring a law economy into all of my relationships.

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Relationships: An Investment Mentality

Posted on 6/30/2014 by Paul Tripp

We're in the middle of looking at three mentalities that are essential to creating and sustaining a healthy relational lifestyle. Last week we discussed what it meant to live in our relationships withA Harvest Mentality.

Here's the second mentality:


We're all treasure hunters. We all live to gain, maintain, keep, and enjoy things that are valuable to us. Our behavior in any given situation of life is our attempt to get what is valuable to us out of that situation. There are things in your life to which you have assigned importance, and once you have, you are no longer willing to live without them (these principles are laid out in Matthew 6:19–33).

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Relationships: A Harvest Mentality

Posted on 6/23/2014 by Paul Tripp

God’s Word really does open up to us the mysteries of the universe. It really does make us wiser than we could ever be without it. And yet, having said this, it's sad that we don’t take more advantage of this wisdom God has given us.

It's sad that we don’t think his thoughts after him. It's sad that we don’t require ourselves to look at life through the lens of his revelation. It's sad that we swindle ourselves into thinking that we're wiser than we are. It's sad that we're not irritated by our foolishness. It's sad that we're not motivated to seek his help.

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Relationships: Can You Relate?

Posted on 6/2/2014 by Paul Tripp

This is the 5th devotional in an 8 part series.

Have you ever wondered if the people around you deal with the things you do in your relationships? Have you ever wondered if other marriages deal with petty differences, or with the collision of differing agendas? Have you ever wondered if other parents struggle with resistant children and the impatience that greets you when it happens? Have you ever wondered if other people get in trouble with their neighbors or fall out of favor with a friend?

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Strengthening Marriages

Posted on 5/12/2014 by Paul Tripp

Marriages have needs. Two sinners reside together in a fallen world, and while the power of sin has been broken, the presence of sin still remains. This comprehensive, life-long relationship will require spiritual care.

No matter the size of your church, there will never be a staff large enough to provide for each marriage. Will many marriages be left unattended? Will the spiritual needs of couples go unnoticed?

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Relationships: Something Bigger

Posted on 4/28/2014 by Paul Tripp

This is the fourth devotional in an 8-part series on Relationships.

We were surprised. We simply didn't see it coming. We thought things were going well. We thought we'd built a good relationship. We thought that we'd been good neighbors. 

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Relationships: Why Can They Be So Scary?

Posted on 4/21/2014 by Paul Tripp

 This is the third devotional in an 8-part series on Relationships.

Why are relationship struggles so disappointing? Why do the problems we have with other people affect us so powerfully? Why is relational disappointment one of the hardest disappointments for all of us to face? Let me suggest some reasons.

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